First Period Kit: Ultimate Essentials

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Our Ultimate Essentials Period Kit includes reusable period briefs (heavy flow) made with organic cotton, mini tampons, pads, liners, and a bonus organic cotton TOM pouch to carry your products in.

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Ultimate Essentials Period Kit.

Easy, conscious period care from Day 1. 

The Ultimate Essentials period kit will cover all your menstrual bases. The kit includes period briefs (heavy flow), mini tampons, ultra-thin pads and liners. Your cycle is sorted from Day 1. 


At TOM Organic, people and the planet are our top priority; which is why we've been making award-winning and biodegradable organic pads and tampons, free from toxins and synthetics, since 2009.

We created our First Period Kits to help first-time and young menstruators to trial, test and find the best period products for their unique cycle. We know everyone has different needs and that’s why we’ve designed three different Kits: Ultimate EssentialsClassic Combo and Starter Trio - each to reflect a different mix of reusable and biodegradable products and options.

Understanding that first periods can be a time with lots of questions, we’ve partnered with Australia’s leading school period educator, Demi Spaccavento founder of Bright Girl Health to create our First Period Education Hub to help all tweens, teenagers and parents feel confident, prepared and empowered.

No matter which First Period Kit you choose for yourself or your tween in preparation for their first period, you’re choosing period products that are both good for you, your period and the planet. We call it easy and conscious period care from day 1.

All TOM Organic tampons, pads and liners are breathable, hypoallergenic and biodegradable. All of our products are not tested on animals, cruelty-free vegan.

First Period Kits also include access to our First Period Education Hub, covering the most commonly asked (and Googled) first period questions, answered by Period Educator, Demi Spaccvanto and Naturopath Georgia Wrath.


  • For help on picking the right size for your period briefs, check out our period underwear size guide
  • Based on feedback, we recommend sizing up from your regular size. (i.e. If you usually wear a size 10, we suggest buying a size 12).
  • Any other questions? Please refer to our Reusables FAQs or TOM Organic FAQs or connect directly with the team at

What’s included in your Ultimate Essentials Period Kit

  • 2x Period Briefs (Heavy Flow)
      • Reusable period briefs (heavy flow) made with soft breathable organic cotton
      • Full leakproof coverage for day or night
      • Absorbs up to 3 tampons worth of menstrual fluid
      • Available in eight sizes from 2XS to 3XL (6-20)
      • Super-soft elastic mid-rise waistband for ultimate comfort
      • Easy care: rinse in cold water, machine wash, line dry
      • Responsibly made in China
  • 1x Mini tampon (16-pack) 
      • 100% ACO certified organic cotton
      • No synthetics or dyes
      • Responsibly made in the EU
  • 1x Regular Ultra Thin Pad (10-pack)
      • Made with Certified Organic Cotton
      • Winged for extra protection
      • Suitable for a light to medium flow
      • Free from chlorine & dioxin bleach
      • No synthetic top sheet or core
      • Individually wrapped for convenience
  • 1x Ultra Thin Panty Liner (26-pack)
      • 100% organic cotton topsheet and core
      • Mater-bi bioplastic barrier backsheet.
      • Individually wrapped for convenience
      • Responsibly made in the EU
  • 1x Gift: TOM Organic cotton pouch
      • Perfect for carrying your period products in
  • 1x Gift: Exclusive Offer
      • 15% off new TOM Organic subscriptions for the first 3-months
      • Exclusive promo code included in your First Period Kit delivery.
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