Period Subscription Box

Our period subscriptions give you the freedom to choose products that best suit your lifestyle. Simply select your favourite combination of our certified organic tampons, biodegradable pads and liners and how often you wish to receive them.

How it works


Start with one of our period bundles or build your own liner, pad and tampon subscription.

2Choose your frequency

Delivery every 1, 2 or 3 months - your choice. We recommend every 3 months for period bundles.

3Edit & update anytime

Edit your products and delivery frequency anytime in your subscription account.

Period Bundles

Our period bundles are perfectly suited to manage all types of flows, delivered every 3 months with free shipping!

Pick a period bundle as a starting point for your subscription. We know every period is different, so we've pulled together five period bundles to suit different flows and product preferences. Free shipping on period bundles over $25.

Start with a bundle

Build your own

Prefer something bespoke? Build your own subscription with your preferred products, delivered every 1, 2 or 3 months.

Our intuitive subscription builder lets you pick the products you need and how frequently you wish to receive them. Free shipping on build your own subscriptions over $25.

Build your own



All TOM Organic tampons, pads and liners are made with certified organic cotton and support sustainable and regenerative farming practices.


All of our products are hypoallergenic and make sure that it’s only natural fibres coming into contact with the most sensitive parts of your body.


Our pads, tampons and liners are made without synthetics, fragrances, chlorine & dioxin bleach.


We’re the proud recipient of four Australian Organic Industry Awards including Organic Product and Organic Educator of the year.


TOM Organic was founded on the philosophy that women should never have to compromise their wellbeing or the health of the planet with the products they buy. When comfort, protection, and caring for your body and the environment are non-negotiable.

Why choose subscriptions

The TOM Organic period subscription is better than buying bulk tampons and pads online. Build your own tampon, pad, liner or mixed feminine care subscription.

Choose how often your products are delivered and customise or update your subscription at any time. Get free shipping Australia wide when your subscription is over $25.

What makes us different

The TOM Organic community loves the period subscription box. The subscription arrives at your doorstep and gives you flexibility in your combination of products and frequency of delivery.

The TOM Organic Subscription makes for a convenient gift. Give one to a friend, partner, or to your daughter as her "first period subscription box".

All of our feminine care products are made from eco-friendly organic cotton so you can be confident they're safe for your body and your planet.

Frequently asked questions

How does my subscription work?

We know that every woman is different, so that’s why we think it’s important to offer a tailored subscription service. You pick your bundle of products from our selection of pads, tampons, liners and choose how frequently you’d like it delivered – every 1, 2, or 3 months based on your cycle and what’s most convenient for you. Enter your shipping and billing info, and that’s it. Shipping is free and occurs on the anniversary from date of starting your subscription.

What are your applicator tampons made of?

The tampon is 100% ACO Certified Organic cotton. The applicator is 100% cardboard, with a paper wrapper.

How do you source your cotton?

Due to our climate challenges, it’s not possible to source certified organic cotton in Australia. We only source our cotton from certified organic farms with the highest standards. All cotton farms we work with have been through strict auditing processes to be certified by the Australian Certified Organic (ACO) body.

What our customers say

"Thank you so much for making your tampons, today was the first time in 10 years of having my period that I actually wore tampons all day with no discomfort, no drying, not hard to insert! Love what you’re doing, love your products."

Bethany J

"I have had a subscription with TOM for a few months now and very happy with the products and service. My monthly orders are shipped out straight after my automatic payment and received within a few days. Love the liners and super pads."

Jessica L

"I did some research to find Australian companies that were organic and that’s when I came across TOM Organic. Since trying out your products, I’ve never been so satisfied and more comfortable during my period."

Erin M

Why I Choose TOM Organic

Elyse Knowles

"I choose TOM Organic because I really wanted to care for my body from the inside out."

Daisy Pearce

"I choose TOM Organic because it’s a local Australian company. That’s a big one."

Merissa Forsyth

"I choose TOM Organic because I know that they’re quality products that are toxin-free"