TOM ORGANIC Subscription

$19.05 every 1, 2 or 3 months

  • 3 products of your choice
  • Your choice of frequency
  • Free shipping
  • Easy to pause, change or cancel

How it works

Customise your subscription

You know what you need each month, that's why our subscription lets you choose any 3 products.

Delivery that suits you

We understand that every woman is different, so you can choose your delivery frequency. Delivery is free!

Update anytime

Our subscription service makes it easy to switch products in and out. Plus you can change frequency, pause or cancel any time. Don’t worry, you're not locked in! Still have a question?

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Choose 3 products

Customise your subscription by choosing any combination of 3 products

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Select your subscription frequency

We know every woman is different. Select how often you would like to receive your subscription.

every month

A useful setup if you have a heavy period and tend to use more product per cycle. Great for pad users or users of a single type of product. Ships monthly on the anniversary of your subscription.

every 2 months

Our most popular option. Great for those who like a mixture of pads and tampons. Ships every 2 months on the anniversary of your subscription.

every 3 months

Ideal for those who have light periods and use the equivalent of one pack per month. Great for those who use mostly tampons. Ships every 3 months on the anniversary of your subscription.

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