The Period Cup


Made with 100% medical grade silicone and unique finger indents for easier insertion and removal. Each Period Cup comes complete with an easy-to-use microwave steriliser case for quick cleaning and an organic cotton pouch for easy storage.

Product details

The Period Cup made for modern women. Know the Difference.


Our silicone menstrual cup is designed with intuitive finger indents for easy insertion and removal along with a unique internal rib system for easier removal. The TOM Organic period cup comes with its own first-of-its-kind microwave steriliser case for discreet, simple sterilisation between periods.


  • Unique finger indents and internal rib system for easy insertion & removal
  • Includes microwave sterilisation case and cotton storage pouch
  • Wear for up to 8 hours, day or overnight
  • Made with 100% medical grade silicone
  • Available in two sizes: Size 1 & Size 2
  • Manufactured on a machine that leaves no waste off-cuts
  • Period Cup is free from Plastic, BPA, Rubber and Latex
  • Your TOM Organic Period Cup can last up to 5 years. As a medical device, we do advise to replace it annually. 
  • Designed and manufactured in Melbourne
  • Made in Australia. Buy your menstrual cup and shop online today.


At TOM Organic, people and the planet are our top priority; which is why we've been making world-class organic pads and tampons, free from toxins and synthetics, since 2009. 

We created this reusable range so you can now have the freedom to choose the best period product to suit your lifestyle. Use our Period Cup and Period Brief alongside your existing TOM Organic products or as a complete replacement. 

Whatever you choose, we have you covered. 

Conscious period care for your health and the planet.


  • CUP: 100% medical grade silicone
  • STERILISER CASE: Medical grade recyclable green plastic
  • STORAGE POUCH: Organic cotton
  • PACKAGING: Cardboard - 100% recyclable and biodegradable


    For help on picking the right size, check out our period cup size guide here

    Any other questions? Please refer to our Reusables FAQs

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 76 reviews
      Really disappointed

      I've been using menstural cups for years and have never had a problem with them. After trying and failing for days, I've had to buy another brand as this one just wasn't the one. I think the cup plastic is too thick or strong as the cup just doesn't pop open. Really disappointed

      Great product but why the wipes?

      I guess most people are attracted to TOM products because they think they're doing something better for the environment. And we probably are. So why do we need to have a mini packet of wipes sent with the cup? It's a total waste and it's disappointing.


      The Period Cup

      Trial and error

      Great material, love the steriliser! Since it's my first time with a period cup I struggled a bit with leakage until I got the hang of it, but it's very comfortable to use, insert and remove. Never going back!

      Perfect replacement for my old cup!

      The TOM cup is so easy to use. My previous cup was a few years old and just wasn't working properly anymore and felt very insecure. Glad I made the switch. Plus the steriliser is awesome :)